Service #1: Spagyric Hemp Extraction

The Living Trees specializes in the extraction, purification and recombination of the oils and minerals found in plants. We combine two different types of extraction to harmonize and cultivate the true healing powers of the plant. 


Soxhlet Extraction with Organic Cane Alcohol

(Vitamins, Terpenes, Carbohydrates, Alkaloids & Polyphenols)


Mineral Extraction of Calcined Plant Material with Distilled Water

(Extracts Potassium Mineral Salts & Other Trace Minerals from Plant Ash)


In alchemy there are three things that make up everything. Sulphur (Soul) essential oil, Mercury (Spirit) alcohol and Salt (Body). Spagyrics is the ancient method we use to honor and capture the Soul, Spirit, and Body of the plant. This creates an end product that is mineral rich and increases the bio-availability. Ester formation (which occurs by adding the mineral salts "body" to the process) is something that happens when an organic acid is combined with alcohol. When an organic acid (carboxylic acid) is esterified, it is converted into a water-soluble and more bioavailable form.


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Service #2: Non-Spagyric Alcohol Extraction 

The Living Trees also offer pure Ethanol extraction services using only Organic Cane Alcohol, a solvent that was made by plants for plants. 


Our soxhlet extractor is built with alchemical philosophy in mind, these protect any heat sensitive chemicals all while making sure the volatile oils cannot escape. This is a hermetically sealed vessel that operates under vacuum. Vacuum distillations create lower boiling points making extraction safe and effective for you and your plant of interest.

In terms of hemp extraction,  maintaining these natural ratios is important in maximizing the effects of the plant on the body. These extractors are built to maintain the synergy of the plant to the highest extent


Soxhlet Extraction with Organic Cane Alcohol

(Vitamins, Terpenes, Carbohydrates, Alkaloids & Polyphenols)


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