The Living Trees offers high quality full spectrum CBD hemp oil for sale in bulk and wholesale quantities. 

- Choose From a Variety of Premium Bulk CBD Types -


We know it isn’t a one shoe fits all when it comes to providing bulk CBD oil. Each customer has their own budget and needs which is why we have developed multiple price tiers and products to best suit your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for Spagyric Full Spectrum Bulk Oil, Non-Spagyric Bulk Oil, Spagyric Crude Oil, or Non-Spagyric Crude Oil, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality CBD products and services on the market. All of our hemp-derived CBD is grown organically, non GMO, 3rd party tested, Farm Bill compliant, and made in the USA without harsh chemicals.

- Why Are We Offering This? -

Most bulk CBD oil on the market is very low quality and we are on a mission to increase access to high quality CBD products to consumers. We know that we can’t do this alone and found that we love empowering others with their own product line so that there are more companies offering high quality CBD. We noticed that most companies require large minimums just to get started which made it hard for people like acupuncturist, doctor’s, and start-up companies to began sharing their own CBD line in 2016. This is the year we launched our bulk CBD services and have since grown to expand these offerings to more and more people and companies nationwide. “Together We Grow” is something we live by each and every day and we mean it.

Contact us today to learn more about pricing and how to develop your own custom line of full spectrum CBD oil products!

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