The majority of people I work with as a plant medicine consultant and educator know what a tincture is but have never heard of a ‘spagyric extract’. Here in the western world, a renewed and ever growing interest in herbal preparations to remedy health issues from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and IBS has created a demand to keep fulfillment warehouses and retail stores stocked and ready with an array of herbal tinctures. 


You may have noticed one specific herbal tincture in particular thats drummed up quite a bit of conversation due to its recent resurgence as a supplement after 80 years of prohibition. Yeah, I’m talking about CBD tinctures. These tinctures are produced by way of extracting the active compounds such as CBD from hemp, then diluting the CBD extract into a carrier oil for optimal absorption. 

Now, there are several different extraction methods employed by CBD tincture manufacturers, but I’m going to table that conversation for another time because I want to talk specifically about spagyric extracts and why you should know about them.

So what IS a spagyric extract?

First, let me share the pronunciation of the word since it’s so unfamiliar to most of us. Spagyric is pronounced “spa-gyr-ic” and is the given name to preparations of herbal remedies using alchemical procedures to extract. 

Now that we can pronounce spagyric, the next thing we must understand is its etymology. The word spagyric is a combination of the greek words ‘spao’ and ‘ageiro’, which translates as “to separate and recombine”. The recombination principle and process that takes place in the preparation of spagyric CBD extracts is directly related to their remarkable bioavailability

Compared to standard CBD tinctures where the body of the hemp flower is discarded after extraction, a spagyric specifically preserves the extracted flower through a calcination process and then is recombined for its salt minerals. These salt minerals amount to one third of the plants therapeutic properties that are missing from standard CBD tinctures. 

Spagyric CBD extracts preserve the vital electrolytes from hemp flower that are critical to the healing process. Spagyric extracts are a combination of herbal (body) and homeopathic (soul) therapy which utilizes the whole plant with the intent to heal the whole person body, spirit and soul.

How are spagyric CBD extracts prepared?



Spagyric extracts are unique as they transform plants into a more potent form thus amplifying the plants therapeutic effects and bioavailability. 

The steps to the spagyric process focus on obtaining the plants purified salt minerals/electrolytes (‘body’), essential oils/water soluble constituents (‘soul’) and alcohol/oil soluble constituents (‘spirit’) within the finished preparation. 

Step 1: The essential oils/water soluble constituents (‘soul’) and oil soluble constituents (‘spirit’) are extracted through a soxhlet extractor using organic alcohol as the solvent catalyst ensuring a complete spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Alchemist perceived alcohol as the best catalyst for extraction because of its ability to dissolve both the water soluble (essential oils) and oil soluble (alcohol) chemicals at the same ratios contained organically in the plant being extracted. Once this step is complete the extract is stored in a cool dark place until step 3.


Step 2: After the alcohol extraction, the hemp flower is calcined or burned (purified by fire) into a white ashe. From the ashe, the salt minerals/electrolytes (the body of the plant) are extracted by dissolving them into distilled water, and then by allowing the water to evaporate slowly, the salt minerals crystalize. 

Step 3: Recombination: the alcohol extraction from Step 1 and crystalline salts from Step 2 are then recombined completing the spagyric process. 

Although this process is much more time consuming than standard tinctures, the results are worth it. The finished spagyric CBD extract is more readily absorbed by the body than standard CBD tinctures, so every little bit goes much further. On top of that, you’re intentionally working with plant medicine focused on healing and transforming the whole of you, body, spirit and soul.   

What to look for in a spagyric CBD extract 

Personally, I look for artisan companies who produce small to medium size batches of CBD to ensure I’m getting the best quality available, companies that work within natural rhythms and speeds of production so nothing is skimped. 

Energy frequency is top priority to me as herbal therapies are best when the hands that prepare them are vibrating healing love and compassion through them. 

I look for companies who are working with all organic ingredients even if they haven't acquired the certification yet. Speaking of ingredients, let's talk about carrier oils. I see several different carrier oils blended with CBD extracts, but one really stands above the rest and that’s MCT oil from coconuts. 



MCT oil stands for “medium chain triglycerides”. These are fats that our body absorbs better than the other carrier oils commonly used and if our body can’t absorb the oil carrying the extract it just goes right through us and down the drain. 

I also look for CBD extracts that contain the fewest amount of ingredients, essentially the herbal extract and the carrier oil are all you need, otherwise you have less room for the stuff that counts. Hey, if the taste of CBD extract isn't your thing you can always combine your dose with some pure maple syrup to make it go down easier. 

In closing, I’m pleased to report that more and more herbal companies here in North America are choosing to employ spagyric extraction in their process and one notable company that fits every criteria I mentioned above is a company called The Living Trees.

This entirely woman owned and operated company not only produces quality spagyric CBD extracts, they also provide their extracting know-how as a service to herbalists and hemp processors. Keep up the good work! 

To find Spagyric Hemp Tinctures created in small batches and to learn more about Spagyric Extraction visit https://tlthemp.com/pages/spagyric-extraction

Author Bio

Jess Carpenter is a multidisciplinary researcher, intuitive consultant and educator with a special focus within the topics of herbalism, nutrition, spirituality, and astrology. Jess works one on one with people looking for nutritional guidance and who are interested in transforming their health through working with CBD and other herbs, and cannabis/hemp based businesses seeking staff education, or public speaking for events. 

Contact Jess: contact@jessthecarpenter.com