CBD Use For a Veteran With Social Anxiety

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Can CBD really help with social anxiety?

Okay, so would you like to see studies or hear a personal story? Here in this article we will make sure to deliver you both. You see, you can can do one quick google search right now and find many people all around the world sharing how CBD has given them their lives back. If you'd like to see clinical studies for CBD being a potential treatment for anxiety check out the following:

1.Cannabidiol Reduces the Anxiety Induced by Simulated Public Speaking in Treatment-Naïve Social Phobia Patients

2.Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Personal story time...


My name is Courtney and I am a Marine Corps Veteran. When I exited the Marines I had no idea what I would be facing. I mean sure I thought about college, work, and the normal adjustment period of returning to civilian life but I never thought I would lose most of my happiness due to the fact I would suffer from social anxiety.

My social anxiety was so bad that I could not go to music events, family gatherings, large classes, big retail stores. Even going out to eat became a challenge and was very unenjoyable. There was not much hope for me and eventually this led to deep depression and my life began going downhill from there. 

CBD became a big thing and I heard of it helping others so I began trying it. I tried four different brands of CBD and experienced no relief. It wasn't until a friend from Colorado called me and offered me a free Spagyric CBD extract that I thought, "Why not, it's free and it's worth a try." It came in the mail and I began using it right away. When I took my first dropper full I could tell right away that this CBD was unlike any other cbd I had before. I used it consistently and I began to feel calmer and more peaceful going about my daily life. 

I decided that I would sign up to vend at a large market in town to see how I would do in larger groups since I was experiencing relief from anxiety. You wanna know what happened next? I enjoyed the event! I was able to be social and around more people without feeling like I was going to jump out of my skin!

Since that day, I have now managed to become a musician playing to large crowds, do my grocery shopping, attend family gatherings, and vend at markets. CBD literally has given me my life back... I am grateful to have been introduced to Spagyric CBD and it is my mission now to share my story and give hope to anyone out there still looking for the best cbd oil for ptsd and anxiety.

All products out on the market are not created equally. I know how difficult it can be to find a high quality cbd extract that works which is why I started The Living Trees, a veteran owned hemp company that creates spagyric CBD products.


In the beginning of my journey a lot of people tried to convince me to mass produce, make more profit, and do it like everyone else in the booming industry.... I chose to stay small batch and artisan because it does make a difference. I can feel the difference and so can many others who find out about spagyric cbd made by The Living Trees. My mission is to help as many veterans as possible which is why we offer 20% off all of our products to those who have served in the military. 

For more information on how to receive discount on cbd for veterans with social anxiety contact us here: https://tlthemp.com/pages/contact



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