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The Living Trees Hand Sanitizer

Our Alcohol-based formula is made up of 65% ethyl alcohol, organic aloe vera gel, and tea tree essential oil. When your product is purchased, The Living Trees will be distributing more hand sanitizer to those in need or are at high risk but can not find any. 🙏🏼❤️🌲

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS... The Living Trees use alcohol for herbal extraction and cleaning lab equipment every day. We had tons of supplies to create hand sanitizer and it wasn’t until we saw and heard from people we know that needed hand sanitizer but couldn’t find any that we knew we had to do something...🌲

This was when we decided instead of buying rubbing alcohol when others need that most, especially our medical brothers and sisters... we turned to the supplies we had already in our lab to create and make more hand sanitizer for those that need it! Our mission is to match every ounce sold with a donation to other high risk elders or those in need that can’t find any.

Use this hand sanitizer to help decrease bacteria on the skin while keeping your hands soft and moisturized. Our Alcohol-based formula is made up of 65% ethyl alcohol that effectively kills 99% of germs. Plus, for every ounce of hand sanitizer product purchased, The Living Trees will be matching that amount and distributing it to those in need of it but can not afford or find any in North Carolina and Tennessee. 

Adding CBD into your hand sanitizer might keep your hands feeling more silky smooth. Alcohol severely dries out the skin, but CBD regulates sebum production, which helps lubricate and prevent chapping. Don't want CBD in your hand sanitizer? That's totally okay and we will create one for you without hemp!

With so many having a hard time finding hand sanitizer for their family and employees, we are offering custom bulk orders for those who need a larger supply.


For families, small businesses, and companies we are creating larger jars to meet your needs. We will make as many ounces of hand sanitizer that you need as long as supplies last. Please contact us to create your custom order!

Email: info@TLThemp.com 

Phone: 828-407-0212

To learn more about The Living Trees Spagyric CBD hand sanitizer and discounted bulk hand sanitizer in stock now, visit: 




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